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The Miracle of Mindfulness / The Miracle of EMDR
– A live webinar, with additional on-demand viewing.
June 14, 2024      Details and Registration..

Program Description: This 6-hour webinar takes participants on a deep comparative exploration of EMDR therapy and mindfulness meditation. Intimate connections and clear distinctions between the two health practices are revealed. Some of the connections are expected, while some are quite surprising. For instance, participants will be led to find a key element of EMDR therapy that may explain the process and effects of the 2,500-year-older practice of mindfulness. Clear distinctions in form and objectives between the two practices are also revealed. Participants are asked to consider which of these practices may best help patients in various stages of suffering.

The exploration begins with two profound case illustrations involving young adults whose lives were transformed and arguably “saved” –one by mindfulness instruction and the other by EMDR therapy.

The exploration continues with a probing of similarities, differences, and ultimately far-reaching potentials for the development of human consciousness afforded by EMDR therapy and mindfulness practice. Traditionally recognized “orthodox” as well as “post-personal” stages in the development of human consciousness are identified. Participants are coached to recognize not only when patients are regressed, but also when they may be “peaking” into a higher, subtler stage of consciousness, where they may find solutions to their psychological problems. In this regard, the webinar will focus on both “state” and “trait” changes in EMDR therapy and in mindfulness practice.

In addition to case descriptions, this exploration is driven by a video, several experiential practices, lecture, research findings, Q & A, and discussions.

While this webinar contains some elements of technical instruction, the program is less a “how-to” and more of a “let’s think about what we do and what our patients may be doing.” In other words, the principal aim of the workshop is to promote participants’ reflections on their work and on their personal lives as well.                 Details and Registration..